Terms and Conditions of Refferal

Welcome to the Solve My Online Class Student Referral Program (SMOC-SRP)
The Program
SMOC-SRP is designed to pass on benefits to students who refer our services to their friends and family. We believe there no free lunches in this world.
When you refer someone to SMOC, and they buy an online course, you will receive $50 as SMOC Credit or $35 in cash. You can use this SMOC Credit or cash to buy online courses from us. As an individual, you can receive unlimited credit or cash by referring our services.
SMOC-SRP terms and conditions
The following terms and conditions govern your participation in the SMOC Referral Program. The Program is run by SMOC.
The Participants referred to below are you (a Qualified User), and the person you have referred (a Referred User). To be eligible for a reward, you, a participant must agree to be bound by the rules described below.
Qualified User: someone who is a user of SMOC and has used the services of SMOC at the time the referral is made.
Eligible Referral: A Referred user qualifies as an Eligible Referral if all of the following conditions are met:
• The Referred User sends SMOC an email which has Qualified users’ email ID is the body of the email at the time of registration with SMOC.
• The Referred User is not an existing user of SMOC services
• The payment has been receive from the Eligible Referral upon confirmation of use of SMOC services.
Overview of SMOC Referral program
• To be an eligible participant in the Referral Program, you must be a Qualified User, and the referral you made should be deemed an Eligible Referral by SMOC
• If you meet the conditions above, you’ll receive either a cash reward up to $35 or SMOC credit up to $50. No Reward will be given to any referrals that aren’t Eligible Referrals.
• You, the Participant, shall receive a form in which you shall specify the type of reward you wish to receive. You must fill the claim within 60 days of the date at which the Referral became a user of SMOC; if you do not submit within these two months, you will not receive a Reward for the Eligible Referral. Please note once the form is submitted, not requests to change the Reward shall be entertained.
• For a New Referred User you shall receive a new Claim form.
• If you receive a reward, you are responsible for all applicable taxes and fees resulting from it. By participating in the Program, you release SMOC and their agents from all liability. SMOC reserves that right to suspend you as Participant from the Program at any time and reserves the right to cancel, modify or suspend the Program at any time.
How to withdraw cash received as referral benefit
• Cash can be withdrawn after 90 days from the date of payment made by your referral
• Claim for cash has to be submitted after 90 days and within 120 days from the date of first payment made by your referral
• Cash will be paid to your PayPal account or any other medium as deemed fit by SMOC management
• Cash can also be used to purchase SMOC services like online courses, homework help, etc
• Cash will be paid once the claim form has been approved by the accounts department
How to use SMOC credit
• SMOC Credit can be used after 60 days from the time of first payment made by your referral
• SMOC Credit can be used against online courses only
• Minimum value of the online courses should be $545
• SMOC Credit can be used any time you want after the stipulated period of 60 days is over.
By taking part you agree:
• To send referral emails only to people that you know.
• Not to engage in any activity that may be considered fraudulent or spamming.