Recently Chat GPT has become the most trending and hottest topic on the internet. After its release in everyone’s mouth is Chat GPT, especially since it has become popular in the education and business field. You might be curious to know about the chatbot making news in the education field, then this blog by can give you more information on this hot topic.

Chat GPT is a chatbot AI text generator developed by Open AI and was released in November 2022. It is powered by computing techniques and large amounts of data that make predictions of the words to form a sentence together in a meaningful and more human-written way. Chat GPT tap into the vast amount of information and vocabulary and understands the words in the context. It can deliver content in any person’s tone and mimic the speech patterns of famous people worldwide. A group of members founds OpenAI, and the founders are Sam Altman, Ilya Sutskeverr, Greg Brockman, Wojciech Zaremba, Elon Musk, and John Schulman. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, in the United States. We will be discussing more in the blog.

The Primary Uses of Chat GPT

Are you curious to know about the applications of Chat GPT and how it can be used for different purposes? Then you can find more information in the following:

  • If you give proper instructions to the bot, it can generate a well-written assignment, essay, or research paper for a student in seconds.
  • You can have a conversation with chat GPT and ask any doubts or questions, which will generate some answers for you.
  • Chat GPT is capable of delivering answers in more than ten languages.
  • It is capable of producing structured languages and code languages.
  • You can create plagiarism-free content like poems, blog posts, and articles according to the requirements with the particular tone that you want.
  • Chat GPT is not connected to the internet and has been designed to be a language processing system and not a search engine.
  • Chat GPT can understand and generate human-like text, and in pre-training, it is fed with a large amount of data from various sources, including books, articles, and websites.
  • Chat GPT does not have access to the recent data, it only accessed the data till 2021, and if asked about 2022, the answer generated is not so relevant.
  • Chat GPT helped firms to enhance their productivity and understands their customers. The techniques given to the organization for its operation help enhance performance and success rate.

Hence, ChatGPT is one of the most powerful inventions of OpenAI. It is also true that no robot can have the intelligence of a human and think and produce quality written works. It is also true for assignment writing or academic writing. It can never match the professionalism offered by online assignment services.

How are Online Assignment Services Better than ChatGPT?

With the information provided above about chatGPT, you might have understood how it works, and it is helpful for the students to write their assignments and thus complete their homework. But does it gives assurance of scoring good grades? No, it doesn’t give assurance of scoring good grades. After delivering the results from the bot, you have to proofread and make changes according to your, which can be very daunting. The only answer is to seek help from online assignment writing help who have professional assistance from online tutors. Students can be stress-free, scoring high grades with well-written assignments. They can be assured of scoring good grades with the help of professional academic helpers. In the blog post, we will further discuss some of the advantages of academic help services which a bot like chatGPT cannot provide.

Proofread Assignment Solutions:

The benefits and advantages listed for ChatGPT, after hearing a student from the International University tried to use it to complete an assignment. As per the review given by him, the bot generated the assignment within some seconds after providing some instructions, but the assignment was not up to the mark for the student to submit it directly to the professor. After getting the assignments in seconds, the students had to spend a lot of time editing the assignment and modifying it to meet the specifications. This is something based on a real event that occurred. If you want to save yourself from this daunting task of editing and proofreading still need to add some things to meet the specification. You can choose wisely and make your decision. Choosing the academic help services, you will receive a well-written and proofread assignment written by our experienced tutors who have a vast knowledge about the topic rather than a bot. And you have to submit it; therefore, there is no need for any revision, editing, or changes.

Assured A+ Grades:

If students take academic help services, they can be assured of getting higher grades in their course curriculum. You might be thinking that ChatGPT also produces good content for writing, then why choose assignment help services? So ChatGPT is an AI-based text-generating tool that is capable of producing high-quality content for assignments and research papers, but does it assure you to get high grades? No, it doesn’t give you the guarantee to score good high grades, and sometimes the generated content is not relevant at all. Or you cannot ask someone if you failed or scored a lower grade. It is just like blindfolded aiming with arrows. However, with Academic writing services, you can directly communicate with the tutors, ask them and clear all your doubts and confusion, and if by any means you score less, the tutor will do the remaining work for free.

Informative and Knowledgeable Material:

You know ChatGPT is an AI-based text generator tool that has trained with a lot of information from different sources. And it gives information about the thing that happened, or it has been trained, and it can’t predict or give information about some recent events that happened. It has been trained the data till 2021. So if asked about some recent event information or instructed to write an essay about the recent event, it doesn’t give relevant answers. So, now it can never match the excellence of professional writers who have years of writing experience in academic writing and who have great knowledge from years of experience. ChatGPT is a popular AI tool that is in a developmental stage and can fail to produce error-free assignments for students at any time. However, with the help of academic writing services, one can have a team of professional writers to help them create informative and knowledgeable content for the assignment at the given time.

Online Class Assist:

After writing assignments, the second biggest stress is attending online classes. The students are expected to attend the classes regularly and submit accurate information which has been taught or discussed in the online class. Online Assignment help services help students by providing online class help at an affordable price. By the way, ChatGPT can never provide assistance for online classes. Thus it is a chatbot that operates solely on information generated by humans. It is a tool that can generate and solve different questions and queries and can also write assignments on different topics. So it can never be able to compete with the assignments written by an experienced professional writer.

Long-Term Success Is Credible:

As far as you know, ChatGPT is an AI-based text generator helping students to score a passing grade, but those who want to score better grades will not be able to score good grades. ChatGPT does not give assurance of good results to the students, which is not suitable for the long run. You can have a live chat with the experts if you use the assignment help services. You can have a detailed conversation with the writer about the details of what you want, and everything will be delivered to you, but in ChatGPT, you will have to give instructions, and it will give you desired answers.

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