Every dissertation needs an abstract which provides a succinct summary of the paper. It should be very brief about 150-300 words. The abstract of the dissertation is only after finishing the entire piece of writing to ensure a good idea of what your dissertation is about. Typically, abstracts include such information as the main topic and the goals of the research, the methods you used to get your results, brief summary of the findings, and key conclusions. Keep in mind that many people will read only the abstract to get the understanding of the content of the paper so it’s very important to get it right.


Here, main thing is to provide information about the scope of the research and explain why it is significant. Also, the dissertation topic and provide a context for it. Present your research objective and introduce the research question that the paper is supposed to answer. Also, provide a detailed overview of the structure of the dissertation in marketing and summarize the findings and conclusions at the end. Try to make your introduction engaging and clear to your readers to motivate them read your paper further.

Literature Review

Literature review provides a theoretical framework for your project. Providing an overview of the existing sources on your topic, analyze and critically evaluate them, and find some connections between them. Your main goal is to identify the gap in the existing theory and justify your research. Make sure you that don’t just summarize the existing studies but provide a critical analysis and build a coherent argument.


It’s important to be clear and precise in your descriptions and provide enough details so that the readers can replicate the studies. What type of research is conducted (quantitative, qualitative or experimental). Explaining both methods of research used for collecting data and analyzing.


 Raw results of the analysis are described here. Summarize the data relevant to the topic and objectives of the research. There are different ways to structure the results, according to topics, hypothesis or sub-questions. Sometimes, it is useful to include graphs, tables, and charts to visualize the information but you should make sure that your visuals don’t repeat the information presented in the text. They should add value to what you have written and present some additional information.


In this section, the task is to review own research in a wider context and report and detail down the uses of the findings for both the theory and practice. You need to interpret and analyze the results in detail and explain whether they meet the expectations. If there are unexpected results, then there should be reasons for it. Limitations to be spoken and and tell how they affect the validity of the findings.


All the work put up in the dissertation in marketing should come up here. Don’t include any new material in this chapter. Provide a concise answer to the major research question and tell about the main lessons that have been learned. Put up the key problems that you had to overcome and include some recommendations for practice or further research. Also, highlight how the findings contribute to the current knowledge and emphasize their importance. Or you can hire dissertation writing services to help you write the dissertation for you. In write my dissertation for me, they help you write your dissertation, from choosing a topic to editing and proofreading.