This Global Day of Parents is a United Nations observance celebrated on 1st June every year to honor the parents and their commitment to children globally. Moreover, human beings worldwide possess the scope and opportunity to accept the parents and parental figures regarding the crucial role they play in the growth and development of the family members. In addition, the parents, society leaders, faculties, children, and family organizations get together to celebrate the Global Day of Parents and support efficient parenting. Such observance highlights the parents as critical at offering protection and positive growth and development in regards to their children.     

The background of Global Day of Parents

  • On 17th September 2012, the United Nations acknowledged 1st June as the day of observing the Global Day of Parents.
  • President Bill Clinton set up National Parents Day in 1994 when he signed the Congressional Resolution towards law. This declaration identified the strengthening and assisting the role of parents in the education of children.
  • President Bill Clinton of the United States of America signed a law in 1994. A declaration had been adopted by the Congress of the United States, declaring the 4th Sunday of each July as National Parents Day. 
  • On thirtieth March 1973, 8th May was selected as the Parents Day in Korea, and from then, it has been a national holiday in Korea.

The theme of Global Day of Parents 

  • The theme of Global Day of Parents 2022 has been ”the endorsement of parents’ struggles and sacrifices towards their children across the world.”
  • Such a theme urges human beings to admit their parents’ affection and importance and value the sacrifices they make concerning their children. 
  • This Global Day of Parents offers scope for accepting and motivating every parent in all regions of the world regarding their noble dedication towards their children and their lifelong sacrifices for promoting such a relationship.
  • The theme of this year has been devoted towards every parent throughout the world who suffer, work and sacrifice in respect to the comfort of their children and family members.

The setting of the Global Day of Parents

  • The primary objective of Global Day of Parents has been to appreciate the affections along with sacrifices of the parents to their children.
  • Global Day of Parents supports showing due respect, honor, and gratitude towards the elderly persons and their grandparents have also been a portion of this great day.
  • On the Global Day of Parents, the small children give a gift and show their thankfulness by living the entire day with them.
  • Such Global Day of Parents has been the day for celebrating with the entire family members, spending time with their near and dear ones, and their beloved parents.

The essentialities of Global Day of Parents

  • The honorable, caring, loving, and respected personalities of the life of the children have been their grandparents and parents.
  • The parents make many sacrifices, provide the children with material requirements, and mold them into successful and better human beings. 
  • These parents offer an environment in regards to the growth along with the development of the personality of a small child.
  • Some of the things that could be done on Global Day of Parents are organizing a small party in-house, creating a family book, spending the day in the park with the parents, making a family film, making a parent’s parent’s card, etc.  

The purpose of Global Day of Parents

  • Such Global Day of Parents has been vital since it increases the family bonds and appreciates the selfless commitment of parents to their children.
  • It could be said that the parents have been the best gift of God and no one in life could take their place and it has been necessary for the growth of children that they grow up in a good family environment and an atmosphere of love, happiness, and understanding.
  • The Global Day of Parents highlights that the family possesses the primary responsibilities regarding protecting and taking care of their children.