The United Nations has declared 22nd May as the International Day for Biological Diversity to enhance understanding and awareness of the biodiversity problems. In addition, on 22nd May, human beings celebrate the International Day for Biological Diversity to raise the wakefulness of the crucial significance of maintaining biodiversity. Biodiversity structures the lives of human beings in the entire world and strengthens the well-being of humans in the future; in the present and its faster decline threatens the people and nature equally. Biological diversity has been the worldwide variety of species, ecological methods, and ecosystems of which they have been portion covering three elements: species, genetic, and ecosystem diversity.  

The background of International Day for Biological Diversity 

  • In December 2000, the General Assembly of the United Nations approved twenty-2nd May as International Day for Biological Diversity for celebrating the acceptance of the text of the Meeting on 22nd May 1992 by the Nairobi Final Act of the Conference in regards to the approval of the decided text depending on the Meeting on biological variety.  
  • First shaped by the Second Committee of the United Nations General Assembly in later periods of 1993, 29th December had been chosen as the International Day for Biological Diversity.   
  • Due to the busy holiday season, several nations could not spotlight their energy and time in planning events on 29th December. In the year 2000, the General Assembly of the United Nations changed the date to twenty-2nd May. 

The theme of International Day for Biological Diversity

  • The theme of International Day for Biological Diversity 2022 has been ‘Building a shared future for all life’.
  • This biodiversity remains the answer to many sustainable development challenges. From the nature-related solutions to climate, water, food security, health problems, and sustainable livelihoods, biodiversity has been the basis on which human beings could build back much better.
  • Since the world continues to struggle with the Covid-19 pandemic, the International Day for Biological Diversity
  • ‘Building a shared future for all life’- This slogan has been chosen in continuing building support and drive or thrust in posting the 2020 worldwide biodiversity structure for being adopted in the upcoming Biodiversity Conference of United Nations #COP15.   

The objectives of International Day for Biological Diversity

  • Healthy biodiversity and functioning ecosystems have been necessary concerning the human communities in various ways and naturally protect the health of human beings in several ways.
  • Regardless of technological progress, human beings have been entirely dependent upon a vibrant, healthy ecosystem regarding food, water, medicines, and other necessities of everyday lives.
  • A healthy biosphere and a rich functioning ecology and biodiversity have been the foundation for obtaining communal and economic objectives of sustainable development goals. 
  • In this huge proposal of global cooperation, the subject matter of biodiversity concerns shareholders at desertification, sustainable agriculture, technology, science, energy, modernization, hygiene and water, famine, land degradation, etc. 

The valuableness of the International Day for Biological Diversity  

  • Such biodiversity allows the plants to grow that produce food regarding animals and human beings and supplies the Earth with fresh oxygen and clean water.
  • Some of the benefits of biodiversity are that it regulates the climate, protects against flooding, and keeps the diseases along with pests in check or control. 
  • Biodiversity has been significant in regards to many causes. The health of the Earth suffers when the biodiversity declines, so the health of human beings becomes poorer.
  • On this International Day for Biological Diversity, the environmentalists, conservationists, and scientists hold a range of events, including conferences, seminars, and roundtable discussions.

The yields of International Day for Biological Diversity  

  • The United Nations emphasizes videos and stories discussing the significance of biological diversity. The President and Secretary of the United Nations give special messages to ordinary human beings at International Day for Biological Diversity.
  • This biodiversity offers the human beings clothing, fuel, housing, food many other recourses and symbolizes the enterprise of organisms in various levels of an ecosystem.