This International Day of Democracy is observed on 15th September worldwide each year. Such a day inspires the governments to strengthen the national courses dedicated to sponsorship and combination democracy. Moreover, full democracies are the countries where civil liberties and fundamental political freedoms have been respected and supported by a political culture beneficial to the flourishing of democratic moralities. Democracy is a form of government where the rulers elected by human beings take every significant decision. Elections provide a choice and good scope for people to change the present rulers. Such selection and content have been available to all human beings equally.

The background of International Day of Democracy

  • Such International Day of Democracy was first celebrated in 2008 and established via a resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly.
  • It had been assumed that democracy had been created at one specific time and place, most often recognized as Greece, regarding 500 B.C., and facts and evidence indicated that the democratic government existed in many regions of the world well before the beginning of the 5th century B.C.
  • When the lengthy gathering and hunting ended, and the people settled in fixed societies, mainly for trade and agriculture, the situations that favored well-known participation in democratic government appeared to have become unusual.

The subject matter of the International Day of Democracy

  • The subject matter or theme of International Day of Democracy in 2022 is ‘Encouraging the world’s governments to strengthen democracy.
  • This International Day of Democracy offers an opportunity to review the state of democracy in the whole universe.
  • Democracy has been a practical concept to study, and this day provides a higher scope for the candidates in thinking regarding what it truly means.
  • Some important concepts like job-place democracy and direct democracy highlight that making proper decisions could be democratic.
  • One main goal must be regarding broadening the definition of democracy and implementing an understanding of its varied modes.

The degree of the International Day of Democracy

  • The better the democratic method, the more perfectly it highlights the views of human beings, and one could have the entire nation run by the democracies down to the social groups and workplaces.
  • Democracy has been a system of decision-making that considers all human beings’ views.
  • Such democracy has been a chance to review the state of democracy worldwide, motivating democratic movements and fostering peace, freedom, and human rights.
  • Democracy has been related to human rights and focuses on making sure that every human being living in the community has been represented.

The extent of the International Day of Democracy

  • International Day of Democracy has been an opportunity to analyze problems, such as equality, human rights, and conflict resolution across the world.
  • This International Day of Democracy is a chance to reflect on the personal freedoms of human beings and think about those who have been less lucky.
  • This particular day depicts that democracy requires the participation of every resident and inspires action, and encourages human beings to work collectively for a more representative and fairer government.
  • Irrespective of sex, the color of skin, religion, sexual orientation, capacity, and a broader extent of others, democracy must make sure that governments protect their human beings all over the world.

The proportions of the International Day of Democracy

  • Democracy is a system of government in which the human beings of a nation have voted for the representatives. In real democracies, the residents could take an active role in their government and hold them to account by voting them out.
  • Direct democracies enable all human beings to vote on significant problems, and representative democracies have been made up of elected representatives who vote.
  • The democratic ethics has been reflected in every eligible resident being equal before the rule and possessing equal accessibility to law-making methods.
  • The activities that could be performed on International Day of Democracy are a role-play activity in which the children play voters or politicians. In this creative exercise, the children imagine the accurate democracy and what it looks like and make a democracy display that features integral democracy values.