The International Day of Families has been observed every year by the United Nations all over the world on 15th May. Such International Day of Families fosters the significance of a well-balanced along with a healthy family across the entire world. In addition, this International Day of Families has been celebrated in representing the vital affairs central to the well-being of the families like gender equality, education, health along with communal inclusion among others. Moreover, such a specific day is being remembered for celebrating the importance of the family members along with the work that began in the International Year of Families.

The background of International Day of Families

  • In 1999, the members of the United Nations got an invitation to officially celebrate the first day of the year as Global Family Day, and in 2001; this day was made a yearly event, viewing the impact and success rates.
  • The United Nations General Assembly in its resolution 47/237 of twentieth September 1993 declared that the fifteenth of May each year should be observed as the International Day of Families.  
  • Founded by the United Nations in 1994, the International Day of Families has been observed each year on the 15th of May for glorifying the significance of cultural and non-cultural families.
  • The institution of the International Day of Families had been the response of the United Nations to the changing economic and communal frameworks along with the stability of family units in several areas of the world. 

The theme of the International Day of Families

  • The theme of International Day of Families 2022 ‘Families and Urbanization’ has been to increase awareness of the significance of family-friendly and sustainable urban policies.
  • Urbanization has been one of the most crucial megatrends shaping life along with the well-being of the family members and the whole world internationally. 
  • Every target and many Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) depend upon in what good ways urbanization has been maintained for facilitating the family members and increasing the comfort and happiness of every generation staying in the cities.
  • Such sustainable urbanization has been associated with the attainment of a lot of Sustainable Development Goals like SDG 3 (well-being and good health of the human beings), SDG 1 (poverty abolition), etc.

The efficiencies of International Day of Families

  • This International Day of Families enhances the knowledge of economic, demographic, and communal methods which affect the family members and improves the awareness concerning the problems affecting the family members globally.
  • Such International Day of Families highlights the significance of families in worldwide societies and identifies the important role of the main family system in creating peaceful community and communal unity.
  • The goal of the International Day of Families has been to make the family a place of safety in regard for children for making sure the set up of a functional community in the future and this platform motivates the policymakers in developing strategies for developing a family-cherishing environment.

The aims of the International Day of Families

  • The pandemic caused by Covid-19 brings the fruitfulness of committing toward the communal plans for protecting the family members along with helpless individuals.
  • Such an International Day of Families has been an event that has been intended to enable the loved ones to take a break from their everyday lives and spend quality time together.
  • Some of the bonding activities that a human being could perform on International Day of Families around his or her house are planting a family garden, creating family stories, creating a family food together, creating a house-made barrier course, and camping outdoors in the backyard with the family members.  

The desires of the International Day of Families

  • The International Day of Families offers scope to promote awareness and resolving matters related to the family members and this day is being observed in spreading knowledge regarding the traditional, communal, geographical, and economic processes that have been affecting the family members internationally. 
  • On International Day of Families, a broader range of events take place at domestic, worldwide, and national levels, and such events include seminars, workshops, and policy meetings for increasing consciousness regarding the significance of families. 
  • This International Day of Families could be made memorable by organizing singing competitions, playing board games, and performing some other fun-related activities with the family members.