This International Day of Yoga focuses on increasing awareness globally regarding the many benefits of practicing yoga, a mental, physical, and spiritual practice that originated in India. In addition, yoga promotes the ways of maintaining a balanced attitude in daily lives and provides skills for the performance of the actions of human beings. Moreover, the ‘yoga for unity and well-being’ has been a proposal for leading the Yoga schools. And institutions have come together to present the best that yoga has to provide a message of harmony and unity. This International Day of Yoga is celebrated annually on 21st June, and yoga symbolizes the unity of action, thought, body, and mind.  

The background of International Day of Yoga

  • Identifying its universal appeal, on 11th December 2014, the United Nations declared 21st June as the International Day of Yoga by resolution 69/131.
  • The draft resolution launching the International Day of Yoga had been proposed by India and endorsed by a record one hundred seventy-five member states.
  • This proposal was first implemented by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, in his speech at the opening of the sixty-ninth session of the United Nations General Assembly on 27th September 2014.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India instated the first International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2014.

The focus of the International Day of Yoga

  • The International Day of Yoga 2022 theme is ‘yoga for well-being’Regular exercises assist human beings in staying positive along with optimism, and yoga assists human beings in inventing the latest ideas for earning money and spending time without going outside.   
  • This International Day of Yoga emphasizes telling human beings to stay inspired at their houses during the Covid-19 pandemic and adopt a healthy lifestyle by doing daily exercise and yoga.
  • The International Yoga Day is a public awareness day, and human beings participate in the awareness activities by joining the yoga classes.

The outputs of International Yoga Day

  • Yoga has been an invaluable gift from the ancient culture of India. It personifies fulfillment and self-possession, a holistic approach toward the well-being and the health of human beings.
  • The yoga is regarding exercise and has been to invent a sense of oneness with the world, nature, and oneself and in creating awareness along with changing the lifestyle of the human beings; the yoga could assist in the well-being of people. 
  • Such yoga depicts harmony between nature and human beings, and yoga has been a precious asset to Indian Civilization.
  • Yoga has been a delightful practice in regards to improving the health of human beings along with developing the human mind with peace.

The inputs of International Day of Yoga

  • A growing number of human beings around the world appreciate yoga for staying healthy and re-energizing along with fighting depression and communal isolation observed during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The message of yoga in promoting humanity’s mental and physical well-being has been much more important. 
  • Nowadays, yoga has been practiced in different forms all over the world and continues to grow and develop in popularity.
  • This International Day of Yoga celebrates the spiritual and mental prowess that yoga has brought to the world stage. yoga has been a significant source of exercise and healthy activity that millions of human beings join along with practice regularly. 

The efficiencies of the International Day of Yoga

  • The International Day of Yoga looks to increase consciousness among the general people globally of the several benefits of practicing yoga daily.
  • Yoga has been identified the world over as a desirable scope in maintaining good health, and its therapeutic effects have been well accepted and well-known. 
  • Some of the benefits of doing yoga are yoga improves flexibility, health, and balance of human beings, yoga can ease arthritis symptoms, yoga assists with back pain relief of the individuals, yoga helps the human beings sleep better and relax the individuals, and benefits heart health.
  • Yoga connects human beings with a supportive society, helps one manage stress, and fosters much better self-care, and yoga could refer to more energy and brighter moods.