International Human Solidarity Day

The Sustainable Development Agenda is fixated on individuals and the planet, supported by fundamental liberties and upheld by a worldwide organization resolved to lift individuals out of neediness, yearning, and infection. It will be founded on a foundation of worldwide joint effort and solidarity .

 International Human Solidarity Day is:

 A day to commend our solidarity in a variety

  • A day to remind governments to regard their responsibilities to peaceful accords 
  • A day to raise public attention to the significance of solidarity 
  • A day to energize banter on the approaches to advance fortitude for the accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Goals, including destitution annihilation 
  • A day of activity to energize new activities for neediness destruction


 Solidarity was recognized in the Millennium Declaration as one of the essential estimations of worldwide relations in the 21st Century. Those who either endure or advantage least merit help from the individuals who advantage most. Thus, with regards to globalization and the test of developing disparity, fortifying worldwide solidarity is essential. 

  • Accordingly, the UN General Assembly, persuaded that the advancement of the way of life of solidarity and the soul of sharing is significant for fighting neediness, declared 20 of December as International Human Solidarity Day. 
  • Through activities, for example, the foundation of the World Solidarity Fund to kill neediness and the decree of International Human Solidarity Day, the idea of fortitude was advanced as vital in the battle against destitution and in the contribution of every important partner. 

 The UN and the Concept of Solidarity 

 The United Nations have crafted the idea of fortitude since the introduction of the Organization. The production of the United Nations drew the people groups and countries of the world together to advance harmony, common liberties, and social and financial turn of events. 

The Organization was established on the fundamental reason of solidarity and congruity among its individuals, communicated in the idea of aggregate security that depends on the fortitude of its individuals to join “to keep up worldwide harmony and security.”

  • It is in the soul of solidarity that the organization depends on “collaboration in taking care of worldwide issues of a financial, social, social or compassionate character” too.
  • The General Assembly, on 22 December 2005, by goal 60/209, distinguished fortitude as one of the keys and all-inclusive qualities that ought to underlie relations between people groups in the twenty-first century, and in such manner, chose to broadcast 20 December of every year International Human Solidarity Day.
  •  By goal 57/265, the General Assembly, on 20 December 2002, set up the World Solidarity Fund, which was set up in February 2003 as a trust asset of the United Nations Development Program. Its goal is to kill poverty and advance human and social improvement in non-industrial nations, specifically among the most unfortunate portions of their populations.

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