Every year on the 22nd April, millions of human beings celebrate International Mother Earth day to protect the Earth from deforestation and pollution. Moreover, this specific day has been observed to emphasize the role of rebuilding the troubled relations with nature. In addition, on the twenty-2nd of April, human beings from all over the world get united in respect to celebrating International Mother Earth day. This International Mother Earth day advances harmony with nature and reminds human beings of the significance of protecting various ecosystems and species on the blue planet.

The background of International Mother Earth Day

  • In 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson created Earth Day to force the environment-related problem onto the national agenda.  
  • Rooted in the decade which gave rise to the worldwide environmental movement, the General Assembly elected 22nd April as International Mother Earth Day via a resolution adopted in 2009.
  • In 1992, Agenda twenty-one, the Statement of Principles regarding Sustainable Management of Forests, and the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development were adopted by over one hundred seventy-eight governments in the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit.
  • This Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit was the first huge conference where sustainable development had been the fundamental problem discussed by the member states.
  • The United Nations Conference upon the Human Environment 1972 at Stockholm marked the starting of the setting up of World Environment Day on 5th June along with worldwide awareness of the interconnection between human beings, other living species, and the Earth. 

The theme of International Mother Earth Day    

  • International Mother Earth Day 2022 has been ‘Invest in Our Planet.
  • The main point of International Mother Earth Day 2022 has been to modernize with a more comprehensive means, act boldly and introduce reasonably.
  • Such International Mother Earth Day has been celebrated each year on 22nd April since the smaller group of individuals has been conscious of the decline of the world around them and started to take adequate measures and steps for informing the public.     
  • International Mother Earth Day is celebrated each year for admitting climatic changes and speaking consciousness regarding the same throughout the world.       

The targets of International Mother Earth Day

  • 22nd April is regarded as the International Mother Earth Day, and this has been a global event celebrated around the world for guaranteeing assistance in regards to environmental protection.  
  • This International Mother Earth Day continues to grow as a global occurrence emphasized upon promoting sustainable, living, and clean habitats for wildlife and human beings.
  • Celebrating Earth Day serves as a mindful reminder of how delicate the planet Earth has been and how vital it has been to protect it.
  • The International Mother Earth Day offers scope for increasing worldwide public awareness of the difficulties along with challenges towards the goodness of every living creature and the planet, Earth.

The efficiencies of International Mother Earth Day

  • Such International Mother Earth Day has been celebrated to remind human beings that the Earth and its ecosystems offer human beings food and life.
  • This International Mother Earth day identifies the Earth and its ecosystems as the typical house of humanity and the urge to protect the planet from increasing the livelihoods of human beings. 
  • On International Mother Earth Day, human beings are required to move toward a more sustainable economy that works concerning the environment and human beings.
  • By participating in activities such as planting trees and picking up litter, human beings have made the world a healthier and happier place to stay. 

The aspirations of International Mother Earth Day

  • It has been essential to cultivate harmony with the blue Earth and nature.
  • The blue Earth needs to be protected to stop biodiversity falling and neutralize and counteract the climatic changes.
  • Each year on the twenty-2nd of April, International Mother Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the current environment in 1970.