Such International Translation Day has been scope for paying tribute to the job of the language professionals that plays a significant role in benefiting dialogue, bringing the countries together, cooperation and understanding, contributing towards progress, development, and strengthening world security and peace. Furthermore, this International Translation Day has been observed all over the world on 30th September every year, declared by the United Nations General Assembly. Moreover, International Translation Day on 30th September pays tribute to the language professionals who provide analysis and translation services worldwide. Every year, the interpreters, translators, and terminologists celebrate International Translation Day on 30th September which has been the day of the feast of St. Jerome, the Bible translator who has been regarded as the patron saint of translators. 

The background of International Translation Day

  • On 24th May 2017, the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution 71/288 on the role of language professionals in connecting the countries and promoting peace, development, and understanding and confirmed 30th September as International Translation Day
  • St. Jerome had been a priest from North-eastern Italy and has been known mainly for his endeavor of translating most of the Bible into Latin from the Greek documents of the New Testament.
  • St. Jerome translated portions of the Hebrew Gospel towards Greek and he had been of Illyrian ancestry and his native tongue had been the Illyrian dialect.
  • The International Federation of Translators has been working to foster the celebrations since it had been established in 1953. 

The subject matter of International Translation Day

  • The theme or subject matter of International Translation Day in 2022 has been ‘Translation and Indigenous Languages’.   
  • The role of a translator has been crucial in maintaining positive, productive, and ideal interpersonal communication in global circles. 
  • Human beings celebrate International Translation Day on 30th September for paying tribute to the tireless job of translators and language professionals across the whole universe.
  • Such International Translation Day honors the contribution of language professionals in advancing the reason for peacekeeping, the shared mission concerning sustainable development, and the fostering of human rights.
  • International Translation Day 2022 would be observed throughout the world with different events, competitions and seminars based upon language being conducted.

The point of opinion of International Translation Day

  • From translating sensitive documents to the lyrics of the favorite k-pop song, the translators have been the foundation of global peace agreements and worldwide utilization of media.
  • These human beings celebrate International Translation Day by increasing consciousness of professional translation and being mindful of the statement that the fusion of languages marks the effort of a united universe branched in diversity. 
  • The United Nations identifies the job of professional translation as trade and art and the translators support the charter of the United Nations and deserve worldwide acceptance. 
  • On International Translation Day, preserving and protecting the language of millions of indigenous human beings throughout the entire world has been more significant because various languages of various indigenous human beings have been a basic portion of their tradition.

The goodness of International Translation Day

  • By emphasizing the indigenous languages, this International Translation Day minimizes the risks of language disappearing.
  • The idea of this particular day assists in ideas and words all through the national and linguistic borders, enabling the global readers in understanding every kind of literature of various nations and cherishes globalism. 
  • Sharing the latest ideas and bracing information, traditional values, and bringing human beings together have become possible and convenient due to the scheme of International Translation Day.
  • On this specific day, human beings across the whole universe celebrate International Translation day with higher eagerness for promoting consciousness regarding the interpretation and translation profession. 

The expectations of International Translation Day

  • When a society or a team of human beings loses its language, it has been more possible to lose its culture also.
  • For protecting the languages from several nations and various cultures, International Translation Day possesses a higher contribution and it has been the critical role of all the persons in keeping the venture continues to protect the universe by protecting the languages.
  • This International Translation Day strengthens security and world peace and the languages play a vital role in safeguarding traditional diversity and fostering inter-cultural dialogue.