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Take My Online Assignment: Some Recent Assignment Questions mentioned below

Question 1

What is the connection between Confucian values and the widespread use of PCs and PC Bang culture in South Korea? Why were video game consoles not as successful as PCs? Explain

Question 2

Explain the reasons behind both the global success and decline of the South Korean film industry.

Question 3

1. Name and explain one Confucian value/teaching that is still impacting East Asian society/culture today.
2. Provide at least one popular culture example from one of the assigned viewings.

Question 4

1. What is the Asia-Japan-West triad and how does it relate to Japan’s identity and mission regarding the rest of Asia?

2. How is Japan eventually deprived of its special “status” in relation to the West. (Hint this is from a reading/lecture, don’t google).

Question 5 

1. Why have Japanese Arcades experienced continued success while arcades in the US are almost extinct? Explain both reasons for success and decline in detail.

2.How has the US been able to re-purpose arcades into something that suits American culture? (Hint: think about the types of places where you’d play arcade games in the US now)

Question 6

1. What message do YOU think the director wanted to convey in 200lbs beauty? Explain.

2. Do you think that’s the message that was conveyed to audiences? Explain.

Use examples from the film to make your point. 

There’s no wrong answer, only poorly explained answers or well explained answers.

Question 7 

1.What is the importance of having a music video in K-pop? Explain

2. How do music videos contribute to the global popularity of K-pop? Explain

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