can someone do my homework for me

The word school brings in a lot of memories of childhood, however, did you notice that as we grew older, we became keener to bunk school. As we progressed to a new class, the pressure of school and studies mounted more and more. Eventually, at some point, we either start to hate school and studies or are inclined to avoid it, because it is often too boring and takes much time.

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It is clear what children hate the most about school is schoolwork, but there is something that they hate even more – Homework. Homework is an inevitable part of school life. We all have at some point of our lives asked – “can someone do my homework for me.” Over the years the trend has not changed today too one can find many children asking their parents or tutors – “can someone do my homework for me.” In recent times, there have been many arguments regarding how homework is disrupting the lives of the students, yet we see that most of the teachers fiercely advocate for homework.

Let us look at some of the reasons as to why do teachers assign homework.

  • Review the progress: In the class, a teacher is not able to give individual attention to each child. Therefore a teacher tries to review the progress/ level of understanding a student has achieved during the last class/ session through homework. This also makes a student review what was taught and what he remembers and how to apply what was learned.
    Reinforcement: Some teachers want that students should revise what they have learned at school so that that teaching can become more effective. As a student goes through the lesson again, he can realize that he might need clarification on a topic. While reviewing homework sheets, a teacher may also realize that she needs to review a point, as the whole class might have a common doubt. In both the cases, stakeholders can look in the loopholes. Moreover, the faster doubts are realized and removed, the better.


  • Time Management: Homework needs time, but not everyone can manage the time properly. So, homework helps every student learn time management skills, which can help him greatly in the long run.


  • Promotes Critical Thinking: Interesting homework assignments enhance creativity and problem-solving skills among children. Homework also promotes inquiry and the conceptual understanding of the said subject.


  • Discourages rote memorizing: Since students are revising their courses daily, they don’t have to turn up to rote memorization during the exam time. The constant revision also makes it easier for students to remember and retain concepts.


  • Independence and discipline: Homework allows kids to do things at their own pace unlike the highly structured classroom hours, where a child struggles to keep pace with the class and the teacher. This helps children develop critical time management habits and also become more organized and disciplined since they have relied on their skills to complete homework.


  • Practice makes a man perfect: Just observing a teacher solve a numerical or explaining a concept is going to do no good unless a student can solve the concept himself. Teachers feel that students will only learn a difficult concept by practicing the problems themselves. Sometimes lessons are also shortened to fit in the stipulated school period, and there is not enough time to teach everything. Homework gives the student the time to learn the concept at his own pace.


  • Keeps students away from trouble: Teachers feel that since students are occupied with their homework, they don’t have time to go wayward. Group assignments help students be in good and familiar company.

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