This event, World Blood Donor Day, is observed each year on 14th June to increase public consciousness of the essentialities regarding safe blood donation gladly and unpaid by the healthy human being. In addition, such an event, the World Blood Donor Day serves to enhance awareness regarding the need for safe blood along with the blood items and thank the unpaid, voluntary blood donors in respect to their life-saving gifts of blood. Such World Blood Donor Day offers scope for calling to action towards the national insurance authorities along with the governments for providing sufficient resources and put towards place infrastructures and systems for enhancing the gathering of blood from non-salaried and charitable donors.

The history of World Blood Donor Day 

  • This first World Blood Donor Day was celebrated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and was declared a global event during the fifty-eighth World Health Assembly in 2005.
  • World Blood Donor Day was organized for the first time in 2005 by a joint scheme of the Red Crescent Societies, the International Federation of Red Cross, and the World Health Organization to raise the consciousness of the safest blood items and blood.
  • The first blood donor in the world was Karl Landsteiner, and his birthday is being celebrated as World Blood Donor Day.   
  • Karl Landsteiner was an Austrian American pathologist, immunologist, and Nobel prize winner in 1930 due to his inventory and development of the ABO blood group system and present blood transfusion.

The subject matter of World Blood Donor Day

  • The theme of World Blood Donor Day 2022 has been ‘Donating blood is an act of solidarity. Join the effort and save lives.     
  • World Blood Donor Day helps the national blood donor firms, blood donor transfusion services, and non-governmental enterprises increase and strengthen their voluntary blood donor programs by emphasizing domestic and national campaigns.
  • The focus and subject matter of Blood Donor Day 2022 have been to draw attention to the roles and responsibilities that voluntary blood donations play in saving the lives of human beings along with increasing the harmony within the societies.
  • Mexico will host World Blood Donor Day 2022 via its National Blood Centre, and this international event will take place in Mexico City on 14th June 2022.

The effectiveness of World Blood Donor Day

  • One of the goals of World Blood Donor Day has been to identify and foster the values of unpaid and voluntary blood donation to increase society’s harmony along with communal unity.
  • It has been much more critical to depict the requirement devoted to year-round blood donation for maintaining sufficient supplies and obtaining timely and universal accessibility towards safe blood transfusion.
  • The effective engagement, along with the support of the human beings, could assist in assuring a higher impact in regards to World Blood Donor Day 2022.
  • Enhancing gratitude globally that offering blood has been a life-saving act of solidity and that service offering safest blood commodities along with blood has been a necessary component of each health care system.

The impacts of World Blood Donor Day

  • A specific activity that the nations of the entire world have been motivated to introduce at the World Blood Donor Day campaign has been distributed. 
  • The different media outlets’ stories of human beings whose lives have been saved via blood donation inspire the daily blood donors to continue providing blood, along with inspiring the human beings in good health who have not given blood to start to do so. 
  • A blood service that provides the patient access to safe blood in adequate quantity has been the central element of an efficient health system worldwide.
  • The theme of World Blood Donor Day changes every year in the acknowledgment of the selfless individuals who donate blood concerning the human beings unknown to them. 
  • The necessary contribution that the blood donor makes in keeping the world pulsating has been by saving people’s lives and improving the health of other persons around the world.