Human beings worldwide celebrate World Brain Day on 22nd July each year. It has been one of the most significant yearly celebrations worldwide because it supports increasing consciousness of an increasingly important health problem, mainly at present. 

Since human beings have become increasingly more helpless towards neurological problems, raising the consciousness of the problem has been significant. In addition, brain health could refer to many prevention processes designed to assist in preserving neurological health and mental health.

Every five minutes, somebody gets the life-altering diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, a neurological disease affecting above 2.8 million human beings worldwide. Such World Brain Day has been devoted to increasing awareness concerning multiple sclerosis.   

The history of World Brain Day 

  • The World Foundation of Neurology was the first to launch World Brain Day as a global remembrance, and this enterprise was founded in 1957 in Belgium.
  • Thousands of public awareness programs, communal media activities, and educational programs have been promoted internationally as a part of such a huge advocacy movement, World Brain Day, from 22nd July 2021 to the end of October 2021.
  • In 2021, the World Brain Day campaign had been a resounding success because the campaign reached out to more than one hundred forty-eight million human beings internationally.
  • The Public Awareness and Advocacy Committee had indicated that 22nd July 2014 must be celebrated as World Brain Day. The Board of Trustees meeting in 2014 approved this proposal as a yearly activity.

The subject matter of World Brain Day

  • The theme of World Brain Day 2022 has been ‘Brain Health for all’ since the brains of human beings continue to be challenged by climatic changes, wars, pandemics, etc.
  • Such all-covering subject matter focuses on sparking a universal strength that would share the critical information required to minimize the burden of brain disorders for everybody.  
  • Better brain health begins with an enhanced awareness of what it means to maintain a healthy brain and a worldwide understanding of the significant role of the brain in respect to humanity. 
  • The key pillars of the year 2022’s World Brain Day are prevention, awareness, education, sponsorship, and access. 

The point of view of World Brain Day

  • Equitable accessibility to treatment, resources, and rehabilitation have been necessary concerning the brain health of human beings.
  • Several brain-related diseases have been preventable, and brain health has been crucial concerning the communal, mental along with physical well-being of the people.
  • Worldwide efforts have been needed concerning the optimal brain health of human beings.
  • To assure brain health for everyone, the persons required to depict the requirement for quality neurology and brain health worldwide by assisting the introduction of national health plans and policies for preventing brain disorders and ensuring accessibility towards perfect along with timely treatment, diagnosis, and care for everybody. 

The vitality of World Brain Day

  • Building upon the momentum by continuing to share the significance of brain health has been a primary factor in making an impression worldwide.
  • The yearly World Brain Day takes place on 22nd July and has been dedicated to various topics.   
  • With assistance from its one hundred twenty-three national neurological member communities, the World Federation of Neurology promotes brain health and neurology internationally by fostering neurological training and education and focusing on under-resourced regions worldwide.
  • The World Foundation of Neurology has been one of the most famous promoters of neurology and brain health research worldwide.

The aims of World Brain Day 

  • This World Brain Day is an initiative of the World Federation of Neurology (WFN) held on 22nd July annually. 
  • On World Brain Day, it is essential to invite the sponsors, members, health professional colleagues, and other stakeholders to tell them why objective-related healthcare has been so crucial.
  • It is expected that human beings will be celebrating the adoption of the worldwide action plan by utilizing promotional materials and a toolbox concerning World Brain Day since they become available every year.