World Day against Child Labour is observed every year on the 12th of June to spread awareness regarding the harmful physical and mental issues faced by children forced into child labor worldwide. Moreover, the importance of World Day against Child Labour has been to pay attention to the issues of child labor and to find ways to abolish it. This World Day against Child Labour has been an International Labour Organization-authorized holiday focusing on increasing consciousness and activism to prevent child labor. This particular day has emphasized the world’s attention to the immediate requirement for removing child labor.

The background of World Day against Child Labour

  • The International Labor Organization (ILO) launched World Day against Child Labour in 2002. Since then, this day has focused on the prevalence of child labor worldwide and the strengths and actions necessary for deleting it.
  • Throughout the 1800s, child labor had been an effective portion of the handicraft along with the agricultural economy of the United States of America.
  • In studying a trade, the poor boys started their apprenticeship between the ages of ten and fourteen, and children during the 1800s worked on family farms and as enslaved servants for white men. 
  • In 2019, the International Labor Organization (ILO) imposed a century of communal equity and advanced better than the average worker.

The theme of World Day against Child Labour

  • The subject matter or theme of World Day against Child Labour 2022 is ‘Children shouldn’t work in fields, but on dreams.’ 
  • Such World Day against Child Labour 2022 would concentrate on the effect of emergency on child jobs, and such trouble could drive many helpless children towards child work.
  • Currently, nearly one hundred fifty-two million children are employed at child work, seventy-two million of which have been employed at a dangerous job.
  • The music could be utilized as a model for expressing togetherness against child labor practices. 

The importance of World Day against Child Labour

  • Child labor has been a job that denies children of their childhood, majesty, and potentiality and has been harmful to the child’s mental and physical growth and development.
  • Child labor has been a job that has been physically, communally, along with mentally harmful and dangerous to the children.
  • Child labor is that work that deprives children of the scope and opportunity for attending school, needing the small children in attempting to combine school attendance with too much longer along with heavy jobs.
  • This child labor refers to that work that interferes with the children’s schooling and forces or compels them to leave school prematurely.

The aspirations of World Day against Child Labour

  • In its excessive forms, child labor includes the children being separated from their family members, being enslaved and exposed to serious sickness along with hazards, and being left to fend in regards to themselves on the streets of bigger cities.
  • Target 8.7 of the sustainable development goals world leaders has been dedicated to taking urgent along with efficient measures for stopping forced labor, end human trafficking, present slavery, secure the prevention and the worst modes of child labor that including utilization and hiring of child soldiers and by stopping or ending child labor at all its forms by the year 2025.
  • As the child laborers have been inexpensive and considerably involved in danger along with hazardous employment, they have been frequently exposed to physical and mental illnesses.

The proportions of World Day against Child Labour

  • This child labor must be eliminated since it takes away from the child’s childhood and the feature of primary education.
  • Some of the significant benefits of stopping child labor are improved health and education, both of which translate toward economic profits.
  • Every year on the 12th of June, the World Day against Child Labour brings together the employees, hirers, governments, civil communities, enterprises, and millions of human beings around the world to depict the plight of child laborers and what could be done to assist them. 
  • This World Day against Child Labour has been set up to emphasize attention on the international coverage of child labor and the actions needed to stop it.