World Day of Social Justice

The International Labor Organization consistently embraced the ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization on 10 June 2008. This is the third significant assertion of standards and arrangements received by the International Labor Conference since the ILO’s Constitution of 1919. 

  • It expands on the Philadelphia Declaration of 1944 and the Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work of 1998. The 2008 Declaration communicates the contemporary vision of the ILO’s command in the period of globalization. 
  • This milestone Declaration is a ground-breaking reaffirmation of ILO esteems. It is the result of three sided discussions that began in the wake of the Report of the World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization. 
  • By receiving this content, the delegates of governments, bosses’ and laborers’ associations from 182 part States stress the critical job of our three sided Organization in assisting with accomplishing progress and social equity with regards to globalization. 
  • Together, they resolve to upgrade the ILO’s ability to propel these objectives, through the Decent Work Agenda. The Declaration standardizes the Decent Work idea created by the ILO since 1999, setting it at the center of the Organization’s arrangements to arrive at its established targets. 
  • The Declaration comes at an urgent political second, mirroring the wide agreement on the requirement for a solid social measurement to globalization in accomplishing improved and reasonable results for all.

It establishes a compass for the advancement of a reasonable globalization dependent on nice work, just as a commonsense apparatus to quicken progress in the execution of the Decent Work Agenda at the nation level. It additionally mirrors a profitable standpoint by featuring the significance of practical endeavors in making more noteworthy business and pay openings for all. 

Theme of 2021 Theme: 

  • The computerized economy is changing the universe of work. Over the previous decade, development in broadband network, distributed computing, and information have prompted the multiplication of advanced stages, which have entered a few areas of the economy and social orders.
  • Since mid 2020, the results of the COVID-19 pandemic have prompted far off working plans and taken into account the continuation of numerous business exercises, further fortifying the development and effect of the advanced economy.
  • The emergency has likewise revealed and exacerbated the developing computerized partition inside, between and across created and non-industrial nations, especially as far as the accessibility, moderateness and utilization of data ICTs and admittance to the web, extending existing imbalances. 
  • While computerized work stages give laborers pay producing openings and advantages from adaptable work courses of action, including for ladies, people with disabilities, youngsters, and transient specialists, they additionally present a few difficulties. 
  • For laborers, these identify with the consistency of work and pay, their privileges to reasonable working conditions, social insurance and satisfactory way of life, abilities use, and the option to frame or join worker’s organizations. 
  • Algorithmic observing practices, now and again enlarging to working environment reconnaissance, are likewise a developing concern. Results of the COVID-19 pandemic are uncovering the dangers and disparities of laborers occupied with area based stages. 

For customary organizations, the difficulties incorporate unreasonable rivalry from stages, some of which are not dependent upon traditional tax collection and different commitments due to their novel nature, incorporating regarding their labor force. Another test for conventional organizations is the measure of financing needed to persistently adjust to computerized changes, particularly for little and medium ventures, and insufficient accessibility of dependable advanced foundation, in the worldwide South. 

The administrative reactions from numerous nations have begun to address a portion of the issues identified with working conditions on advanced work stages. Nonetheless, there is a requirement for global approach discourse and coordination since computerized work stages work across numerous awards. 

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