The World Food Safety Day on 7th June seeks to draw attention to and motivate action for assisting in preventing, managing along with detecting food-borne risks, contributing toward the human health, food security, agriculture, tourism, economic success, sustainable development, and market access. The United Nations has declared 7th June as World Food Safety Day in respect to drawing worldwide attention to the health causes of contaminated water along with food. Moreover, the accessibility of safe food has been necessary for the well-being along with the health of human beings, the environment, and animals. Human beings possess a role to play from the farm to the market in assuring that the food eaten by them has been safe and does not harm their health.

The background of World Food Safety Day

  • On 20th December 2018, the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution 73/250 announcing a World Food Safety Day and as of 2019, each seventh June has been a time for celebrating the countless benefit of safe food.
  • This World Food Safety Day generally became a means to increase awareness regarding sustainability, malnutrition, food production along with hunger.
  • Identifying the worldwide burden of food-borne diseases that affect the individuals of every age, mainly the small children under 5 years and the human beings staying in lower-income nations, the United States General Assembly declared in 2018 that each 7th of June would be World Food Safety Day.

The theme of World Food Safety Day

  • The theme of World Food Safety Day 2022 has been ‘Safer food, better health’ announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) and started the campaign for motivating worldwide participation. 
  • The accessibility of safe food has been effective in regards to the goodness along with the health of the human beings, plants, animals along with the environment.
  • Such a theme of World Food Safety Day 2022 identifies the role that nutritional and safe food plays in assuring the health of the people.
  • This World Food Safety Day campaign stresses the requirement to change the food systems in delivering good health in a sustainable way for preventing mainly the food-borne diseases. 

The importance of World Food Safety Day

  • The seafood has been one of the most crucial guarantors in regards to better health and the unsafe foods have been the cause of several diseases and contribute to poor health like mental sickness, communicable or non-communicable diseases, micronutrient shortages, weakened development along with growth, etc.
  • These food systems practitioners, policy-makers along with investors have been invited to re-orienting their performances for enhancing the utilization of seafood and sustainable development to improve the health results.
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States jointly assisted the observance of World Food Safety Day in partnership with the other shareholders along with the member states.  

The approaches of World Food Safety Day

  • Some of the ways by which food safety could be promoted are separating the cooked and raw food, keeping the food clean, cooking the food thoroughly, utilizing raw materials along with safe water, and keeping the food at safe temperatures.
  • The safety of food has been crucial since it assists in protecting the customer from the dangers of foodborne sickness.
  • Such safety of food assists in preventing the customers from the dangers of health-oriented situations like death, allergy, etc. 
  • Hand washing has been one of the most critical things one could perform in preventing food poisoning and it has been significant to wash the hands of human beings for twenty seconds with running water along with soap.

The utilities of World Food Safety Day

  • It has been much more important to wash hands with hot and soapy water before cooking and after preparing raw meat to avoid food poisoning.
  • This food safety has been one of the vital portions of running a catering firm, restaurant, and any other food service establishment and the health inspectors should ensure that everything has been protected, safe, and up to code for the human beings to eat.       
  • Having processes along with systems that protect food has been incredibly significant and the facilities which prepare along with handle food could make allergen cross-contamination and food-borne sickness preventable by following particular rules toward their methods and by bringing third party enterprises for analyzing their food safety methods.