World Refugee Day has been a worldwide day nominated by the United Nations for honoring the refugees worldwide. Moreover, this World Refugee Day refers to an occasion for building sympathy, understanding their troubles or difficulties, and identifying their resilience in rebuilding their lives. World Refugee Day falls every year on 20th June and celebrates the courage and power of the human beings who have been forced to flee their home nation to escape conflict or arguments. On World Refugee Day, human beings celebrate the contributions of the refugees and look to build understanding, empathy concerning their troubles, and determination to build a brighter future. 

The background of World Refugee Day

  • This World Refugee Day was first launched on 20th June 2001, in appreciation of the fiftieth anniversary of the 1951 Convention linked towards the status of the refugees.
  • Such World Refugee Day was launched by Pope Pius X and was celebrated in January, and the United Nations General Assembly decided to observe World Refugee Day in June 2001.
  • Forty-two percent of every forcibly displaced human being had been children under eighteen, and nearly one million children were born as refugees between 2018 and 2020. 
  • At least forty-eight million human beings had been displaced within their self nation, and 4.1 million refugees have been the asylum-seekers and the host of the developing nation, nearly around eighty-six percent of the total refugees of the world. 

The topic of World Refugee Day

  • The theme of World Refugee Day 2022 is ‘Seeking safety is a human right’.
  • It has been non-negotiable; wherever they come from, the human beings forced to run away must be welcomed.
  • Whoever they have been, the human beings forced to flee must be treated with majesty, and anybody could look for protection irrespective of their beliefs.
  • Whenever human beings are forced to flee, they possess a right to be protected, and whatever the threat- violence, war, maltreatment, political disturbances, or natural disasters every human being deserves protection, and everybody possesses the right to be safe.

The characteristics of World Refugee Day

  • Refugees come from all over the world, and the human beings forced to flee must be welcomed wherever. 
  • What remains universal for the refugees the right to look for safety, and while traveling, the refugees could take a boat, a plane, or a ship and may travel on foot.
  • Any human being fleeing the abuses of human rights, conflict or mistreatment possesses a right to seek protection in another nation. 
  • Refugees must not be discriminated against at the borders, and every application regarding refugee status should be given good consideration irrespective of factors such as gender, caste, religion, race, and the nation of origin.

The necessities of World Refugee Day

  • The human beings forced to run away must be treated with formality and respect and have been entitled to distinguish along with the safest treatment as any other people.
  • This World Refugee Day shines a light upon the refugees’ needfulness, rights, and dreams and assists in organizing resources and political will so the refugees can survive and thrive.
  • Many activities take place on World Refugee Day, creating scopes and opportunities to help the refugees.
  • Such World Refugee Day honors the courage along with the strengths of the refugees and inspires public consciousness and assistance of the refugees. These humans ran away from their homelands due to war or natural damage.

The objectives of World Refugee Day

  • The refugees have been exposed and in need and frequently criticized, misunderstood, and frequently have nothing or very little of their possessions, little food; they often have to leave their houses with nothing else or with what they could carry.
  • This specific awareness day has been to assist the public understanding of the refugees and increase their help and support as they suffer from trauma, distress, hunger, cold, loss, violence, disease, etc.
  • Throughout the world, non-governmental along with governmental agencies work tirelessly. Still, with the human beings being made refugees regularly, more assistance has been required continuously to make sure that the refugees have been appropriately treated than being neglected, and there have been projects for re-setting and providing respect to the refugees.