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1.Which element is the basis for the macromolecules found in living things? a)Carbon b)Hydrogen c)Nitrogen d)Oxygen

2. Customization occurs when 

  • Products or services are world-class, suitable for most markets 
  • Products or services are offered on a made-to-order basis 
  • Products or services are developed with several options 

3. What is not a violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act.

4.  which states currently have a “Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana” statute.

5. From 2001 to 2009 there have been ___ terrorism prosecutions in the United States.

6. The Florida Criminal Code, Section 775.30, defines the crime of terrorism as an act or acts intended to?

7. The use of unlawful force to coerce or intimidate persons or governments in the pursuit of political, social, or religious goals is?

8. Acting to overthrow one’s government, or in violation of allegiance to one’s government, is the definition of?

9. From 2001–2009, ______ prosecutions involved weapons of mass destruction. 

10. For the purpose of money laundering statutes, profits gained from unlawful activities are known as?

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