In April 2018, the United Nations General Assembly designated 3rd June every year as World Bicycle Day and drew attention to the usefulness of using bicycles. The declaration regarding World Bicycle Day identifies the durability, uniqueness, and flexibility of the bicycle that has been in use for two centuries. In addition, the bicycle has been clean, consistent, inexpensive, and simple along with environmentally fit and sustainable modes of transport. Moreover, the United Nations General Assembly welcomed proposals for conducting bicycle rides in the domestic along with national 

levels as a way of strengthening mental and physical health and well-being, and growing a tradition of cycling in the community on 3rd June.   

The history of World Bicycle Day    

  • This World Bicycle Day began when Professor Leszek Sibiliski started a grassroots campaign with his sociology class to support a United States declaration that could assign a day in respect to the celebration and advocacy of the humble bicycle throughout the whole world. 
  • The United Nations celebrated the first World Bicycle Day on 3rd June with a special event at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City in the United States of America. 
  • Earlier adopted by the United Nations, the Turkmenistan Parliament Mission towards the United Nations supported the adoption of World Bicycle Day.  
  • The General Assembly motivated the shareholders to focus on advancing the utilization of the bicycle as a means of strengthening education and promoting sustainable development that includes physical education for the younger generations and children. 
  • The subject matter of World Bicycle Day
  • The theme of World Bicycle Day 2022 has been to ‘appreciate the longevity, uniqueness, and diversity of the bicycle’ that has been used for more than two years.
  • The main objective of World Bicycle Day has been to celebrate the distinctiveness and diversity of the bicycle and its dependability and sustainability as a means of transportation. 
  • This World Bicycle Day is celebrated on 3rd June, and it has been the holiday devoted to honoring the pleasure and enjoyment of bicycle riding.
  • Such World Bicycle Day has been an attempt of the United Nations to identify the critical significance of bicycles throughout the planet Earth. 

The fruitfulness of World Bicycle Day

  • World Bicycle Day has been a chance and scope for human beings worldwide to pay tribute to bicycles worldwide and many benefits it brings to the community. 
  • These bicycles are free to ride and have been excellent in regards to the mental and physical health of the human beings, good in regards to the economy and environment, and have been a stress-free means to get where the people are going.
  • Riding a bicycle could be a profession, a device of freedom, a mode of entertainment, simply the best means of getting from place A to place B and is being a passage of expression. 

The usefulness of World Bicycle Day

  • As per World Health Organization (WHO), the safe infrastructure for cycling and walking has been a pathway for obtaining higher health justice.
  • The use of bicycles is a vital portion of the mobility solution for assisting the cities in disconnecting the growth of population from enhanced emissions and improving the safety of roads and air quality. 
  • The bicycle contributes to lesser blockage and more fresh and clear air and makes health care, education, and other communal services more accessible to the most exposed populations.
  • This General Assembly motivates the stakeholders to foster tolerance, prevent disease, foster health, respect, joint understanding, benefit a peaceful culture, and communal inclusion among the younger youths on World Bicycle Day.    

The calmness of World Bicycle Day

  • Cycling has been mainly an aerobic activity that means the blood vessels, heart, and lungs of human beings everything gets a workout.
  • The health benefit of daily cycling includes enhanced cardiovascular fitness, and human beings would sweat, breathe deeply and experience enhanced body temperature that could improve their entire fitness level.
  • By riding on cycles, human beings enjoy the wind on their hair, the sun on their faces, the open air, and the sounds and sights of the great outdoors.