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Top reasons why teachers give homework?

  The word school brings in a lot of memories of childhood, however, did you notice that as we grew older, we became keener to bunk school. As we progressed to a new class, the pressure of school and studies mounted more and more. Eventually, at some point, we either...

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How to Cope With Exam Failure

It is not possible to always predict the results of your exams. Exams are always the most fearful thing about education and many students fail in it not because they hadn’t studied enough, but because of the added stress. Exams always have the capability to bring out...

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5 Tips For Stress-Free Homework

 The school is no child’s play. All of us to struggle through the whole day and sit for long classes, most of which are subjects that we do not like or have no interest for. Once the long school day is over, the students have to sit down with their long list of...

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